I’ve been wringing my hands about this About page. There are many angles I could take. Since I haven’t decided on an approach, I’ll settle for now on a ramble until the need to spruce or revamp arises. So here it goes.

If I were living before times, among hunters & gatherers,  I would have collected words.
If I were among nomadic peoples roaming from place to place, I would have chased after words.

If I were living back in the day, before there were such a thing as gentlemen farmers or cultivated gardens, I would have planted and picked words.

And I would have been hungry. So glad to be in these times.

I’m a word nerd. There I said it.

As a word nerd, I grew up bookish. I think writers, along with musicians and artists, are a higher form of being. They save us from ourselves by holding up the mirror of the world and ourselves in it even when the reflection is harsh.

As a first generation American on both sides, I’m a border person. I am mostly American, but not all the way. My angst about writing reflects this. There’s the prose camp and the poetry camp. They’re not mutually exclusive. I transact 99% of my daily life in the prose camp. It is more accessible because I know it better. And yet that 1% is compelling. To be able to capture the essence of a person, place, or thing with stylistic and linguistic economy is a thing of beauty.

Poetry is like that impossible professor who relentlessly pushes their students beyond expectations. It is intimidating. It is demanding. But also very satisfying when on the other side of it you feel that you’ve reached a higher plane of understanding.

Remember when you were a kid and got in trouble for doing something you weren’t supposed to do and some grown-up asked you why you did what you did and you answered with silence or “because” or “I dunno” or a shrug?

Of course all flimsy and unsatisfactory, but really the real answer would not have boded well either: Because I could and because I wanted to see what would happen. I think that’s my answer to the why  question of this blog.

I’ve embarked on this blog because I like words, poetry and prose, and admire writers as artists. And I guess it’s my own way of gathering, herding, and cultivating words. It’s also a way to channel that impossible professor to push myself to write. We’ll see what happens.

So, Dear Reader, I’m asking you to help me along by sending comments, introducing writers or works you like or sharing your own best practices. Feeling lucky to be in this community of wordsmiths. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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