X is for Xylophone

Daily Prompt: Fearful Symmetry
Pick a letter, any letter. Now, write a story, poem, or post in which every line starts with that letter.

T, the famous therapist to the letters, had a new client X. This client had made the rounds, only to end up e[X]asperated. The most recent was L who listened, but then shared so much of himself that X came to regard him as no more than a common loon peddling his “listening therapy technique” as a cover for incessantly talking about himself. The one before was K who was recommended because she was into “karmic healing” but X found herself more depressed after these sessions. To X‘s dismay, K peppered her advice with the incredibly tedious phrase, “carry on, dear that’s all you, I, any of us can do dear.” The “dear” was particularly grating.

T had a supercilious air about him that made X immediately doubtful. The way he was dressed wasn’t especially comforting either. Tinted glasses and a beret topped off with a goatee and ponytail may have tipped off her wariness. The bragging as sharing, which X was especially attuned to , didn’t help either.

“This handmade tea set was a gift by a world renown actress whose name I can’t of course divulge. Tibetan tea, which another client turned me on to, is now my addiction. Tea is very soothing and I encourage clients to intake as much as they want throughout our sessions.”

This day in question X  was explaining why she feels inadequate. “Take one look at the the dictionary, any dictionary, and you see I have the least amount of pages.”

“That’s true that you may have the least amount of words, but you know quantity isn’t everything.”

“Truth is, the quality isn’t great either. ”

“There are…”

“Throw out some words. That’s a dare.”


“Toys! That’s the first word you come up with!”

“Try to see it from the positive side of things. There’s a power to x that other letters don’t have: you can multiply, mark spots, give hugs and kisses.”

“Trivialities, doctor! The long and short of it is that I’m nothing more than functional symbology at best and anonymity at worst.”

That session and sessions after went round and round, on and on like this. There was no convincing X that her place in the  language of things, though small, was not insignificant.

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