New Kid on the Blog

Daily Prompt: Mentor Me
Have you ever had a mentor? What was the greatest lesson you learned from him or her?

I’m new to the blogosphere and I’m grateful for this very supportive community of bloggers. You have made this “world” very special. Your stories, thoughts, and photos are inspiring. I learn something every day. I consider you all mentors.

There’s a place, wide and windowed,
that’ll embrace the anonymites to
the grandly named disciples, artists,
and just plain ole lovers of the word
to play in its space.

In this little place, it’s come ye, come all.
It matters not what mood you’re in at all.
Maybe on Sundays you’re sharpening up for the
week, but when Monday comes round the start’s
not nearly as sharp as a beak. And Tuesday is
less than terrific with its deadening to-do.
It’s definitely time for a change in weather,
which hopefully Wednesday brings so by
Thursday you’re writing strong toward a
Friday fueled with inspiration that delivers
you satisfied into Saturday.

This place spans the world with all sorts
stories. It’s grand, yet common enough for
any woman or any man to browse, like,
comment, or post as each pleases. You’ll
find yourself surrounded and buoyed by an
ever-present community of mentors. Feel
free to enter.


One thought on “New Kid on the Blog

  1. Well said
    It’s a place where all souls meet and mingle
    Juust like an oasis is in a desert
    Everyone goes there to fetch water.

    New kid on the blog deserves a comment.


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