Blog Swap

Daily Prompt: Switcheroo
If you could switch blogs with any other blogger for a week, with whom would you switch and why?

If I could be another blogger for a day, I would be Arianna Huffington. I admire how she started a blog that has become the first digital media enterprise to win the Pulitzer.

At one time Huffington pursued her own political aspirations that didn’t pan out, but she dusted off this loss to found an online newspaper premised on blogging. It didn’t promise to be the uber news source or anything particularly special other than it being a space for commentary. Most of the commentary is liberal leaning, but it never disguised this either.

Huffington’s success is a reflection of what is so great about our country. She has had her ups & downs and has changed course: she was once a conservative and is now a liberal. I would never live or die by what’s published in HuffPo, but it takes a lot of hutzpah to rub knuckles with the politicos.

She isn’t the typical immigrant, but the opportunity to dream big and pursue a path that is different from what was laid out isn’t available in other countries.

I admire Huffington as a person more than her blog. She is a strong, unapologetic female in a culture that favors the following qualities in women: shallowness over intelligence, looks over personality, cutesyness over gravitas. She holds her own and doesn’t pull any punches.