Launching a Dream

Daily Prompt: IMHO
Link to an item in the news you’ve been thinking about lately, and write the op-ed you’d like to see published on the topic.

IMHO the world don’t need no more stinking wedding mags, BUT here I am contradicting myself.

Rarely in the news do you see a super cool, splendidly awesome concept before it’s launched. I came across this unconventional promise of a wedding magazine this morning, which you can read here on Yahoo.

Catalyst Wedding Magazine 1

Weddings, known to bring out the zilla in the best and worse of us alike, are one of life’s seminal moments. This mag isn’t a cure for the zillas, but it promises to be a space that broadens the canned dialogue and pictorial representation of the traditional wedding by traditional models. Picture a wedding magazine that captures love in all its forms and features couples of all walks and persuasions: same-sex, disabled, may/december, interracial, etc.

Catalyst is for everyone who feels under-represented, without a voice, or absent altogether from an industry that glamorizes spending, tradition, and the same old race/gender/sexual politics,” Liz Susong, Editor-in-Chief

 Catalyst Wedding Mag 2 I’m not in any way affiliated with this mag, but I’m a sucker for anyone and anything that works to broaden thinking. I’m sending sparkly thoughts of positivity through the ether to a successful and enduring launch of Catalyst Wedding Co, which I hope serves as a catalyst for dialogue.


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