Launching a Dream

Daily Prompt: IMHO
Link to an item in the news you’ve been thinking about lately, and write the op-ed you’d like to see published on the topic.

IMHO the world don’t need no more stinking wedding mags, BUT here I am contradicting myself.

Rarely in the news do you see a super cool, splendidly awesome concept before it’s launched. I came across this unconventional promise of a wedding magazine this morning, which you can read here on Yahoo.

Catalyst Wedding Magazine 1

Weddings, known to bring out the zilla in the best and worse of us alike, are one of life’s seminal moments. This mag isn’t a cure for the zillas, but it promises to be a space that broadens the canned dialogue and pictorial representation of the traditional wedding by traditional models. Picture a wedding magazine that captures love in all its forms and features couples of all walks and persuasions: same-sex, disabled, may/december, interracial, etc.

Catalyst is for everyone who feels under-represented, without a voice, or absent altogether from an industry that glamorizes spending, tradition, and the same old race/gender/sexual politics,” Liz Susong, Editor-in-Chief

 Catalyst Wedding Mag 2 I’m not in any way affiliated with this mag, but I’m a sucker for anyone and anything that works to broaden thinking. I’m sending sparkly thoughts of positivity through the ether to a successful and enduring launch of Catalyst Wedding Co, which I hope serves as a catalyst for dialogue.

The Moment’s in the Smile

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur
A throwaway shot, or purposefully unfocused? This week, find beauty in a blur.

I take pictures almost exclusively with my iphone because it’s handy. I end up with a lot of blurred photos and delete without deliberation. Yet, I couldn’t bring myself to delete this one.  Now I know why. Even though it’s blurred, P’s smile, her obvious joy makes this moment–a Wednesday moment of silliness at Walgreens–worth savoring. My motherly wish for her is that even when life isn’t picture perfect, feels unfocused, gets crinkly around the edges or is just smack blurred in the middle, to remember her joy.


Three is Axed!

Daily Prompt: Three Letter Words
Write an entire post without using any three-letter words.

Dear readers,

In a rare show of bi-partisanship, Congress voted to outlaw three, which could be positive or negative depending on your perspective. In support of fair, unbiased reporting, we have included some differing perspectives below.

Feminist: “This is a momentous moment, a great leap forward! Finally, a chance to rewrite history in each person’s image that reflects America’s diversity: “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men everyone is equal.”

New immigrant: “I am learning this English. It is good. Less words to learn.”

Kindergarten Teacher: “I do not know have no idea what this world is coming to. What will early readers do? They so depend on three letter words to build literacy. Show your support with these bumper stickers:  ‘Bring back three. It helps us read.’ ‘Read, baby, read can’t happen without three.'”

Coffee Entrepreneur: “We have come full circle. We have thrown down the last vestige of British colonialism. America’s future is coffee, only coffee.”

Forlorn Poet:

Plucky three is axed.
Our language forevernow
taxed by loss of this digit,
once sweet lucky number. Many
thought it a nuisance, a disturbance
of crowd when it only craved company.
I will forevernot slumber. Though I
cannot blog, tweet or speak of
thee aloud, memory will be my shroud.