Daily Prompt: Fool Me Once
It’s April 1st! Pull a fast one — publish a post that gently pranks your readers.

There was once a reported murder
from an avid and well-liked birder.
A detective was put on the case,
and with dog set to the chase,
toward the first witness, a herder.

This herder with gargantuan jowl,
carried on about murder most foul.
Then pointed to his son,
a lad beet red from the sun,
who carried a white and black fowl.

This lad rolled his eyes to and fro
saying his dad wasn’t nearer the know.
“You see,” directly and grimly he said,
“you’ve been quite ridiculously misled.
You’re chasing a case that is low.”

“My say will most surely give it a blow
but it’s my citizen duty to let you know
The birder’s not right in the head,
and my dad should be settled to bed.
The ‘murder’, they screech of is crow.”

Among the more curious definitions
of murder is a flock or group of crow.

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