in the blogosphere…


new to the blogosphere
checked out the homes, strolled around looking at themes
settled on piano black, it matched my angst
the neighborhood is nice and jumping
there’s a university and a community pool, yippee
posted “Mirror, Mirror”

problems of a novice
couldn’t figure out how to add the real “Blogs I Follow”
from the ones I don’t to the sidebar
if you find yourself not knowing how to make a blogtech move,
there are some handy ways to resolve (shortlist of possibilities)

        1. search tool on Daily Post
        2. ask your neighbors by the pool
        3. tutorials and walkthroughs
        4. blogging 101 at the university

posted “Penelope”

playing house
added two poems , still in drafts

playing house
added a bunch of poems
checked out university course “Writing 201: Poetry”
love love love the examples!!! so accessible
shared them with my husband

neighborhood stroll
checked out other blogs
the bucket list grows ever longer
there are so many things i could do, so little time
made 1st comment

messing with widgets
perused other blogs via  Daily Prompts
you should really check it out
learned a few “must do” widgetmacallits
like… tags and gravatars what the heck is a gravatar
added calendar
added tags
put off filling out “About” even though i know i should should should
forgive me i’m having an OMG what am i going to say moment
put off adding a gravatar, ignorance is my cloak here

feeling a little dark around the edges, so went theme shopping
the fun thing about going to open houses is that you get to
walk through and imagine yourself in the home and
walk right back out if you don’t like the fixtures or the ambience
settled on Hemingway…okay still darkish, but only on the inside
the “About” is a nagging to-do, but i’m still in the OMG i can’t find
nothing to wear. i have nothing, absolutely nothing, BUT
added a gravatar…ta-da